Top 10 Most Popular Crested Gecko Breeders

Who Are The Most Popular Crested Gecko Breeders? 

We have compiled a list of the number of Facebook and Instagram followers for the most popular crested gecko breeders.


If you are are looking for a crested gecko breeder, these are the ones that everyone is following. 

In most cases if someone has a large following it is probably because they have some really nice crested geckos and know what they are doing. 

Altitude Exotics tops our most popular Facebook crested gecko breeder list and Tikis Geckos is dominating the most popular Instagram crested gecko breeder list. 

To make the most popular Facebook breeder list you will need over 8,700 followers and close to 14,000 followers to make the Instagram most popular breeder list. 

To make the Facebook honorable mention list you will need at least 3,000 followers.

But, the Instagram honorable mention list is a bit easier to get on with only 1,000 followers needed.

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Press release top crested gecko breeders for 2021

Press Release 5/25/2021

"The best crested gecko breeders tend to be the ones people follow on social media. Facebook and Instagram users who have an interest in crested geckos are most likely to engage with breeders who have an excellent reputation for producing the best reptiles and making a positive impact on the wider crested gecko community."

Buy From Crested Gecko Breeders You Can Trust

The biggest scam on the internet is crappy people stealing photos of other peoples crested geckos and advertising those geckos for sale as their own. This is a huge problem for reptile customers but you won't have to worry about it with the companies on this list. 


See a list of the most expensive crested geckos sold by morph in the US. 

investment quality crested geckos for sale

These top crested gecko breeders pictures are of their own geckos. They've spent years of time and money cultivating a loyal following of Instagram and Facebook customers and you can expect they wouldn't screw that all up for a quick couple of dollars. Social media has leveled the field on scammers as they our outed and accounts are deactivated daily. 

Avoid the potential problems you can get from the scammers, wheelers and dealers, and the fly by the night honeymoon breeders and buy from someone on the list below. 

Facebook: 10 Top Crested GEcko Breeders

Facebook Rank

Top Crested Gecko Breeders

# of Facebook Followers





















Facebook: Honorable Mention Top Crested GEcko Breeders (# of Facebook followers)

Qualify For The Facebook Honorable Mention List With 3,000+ Followers

Supreme Gecko (7825), Lilly Exotics (7477), Rockstar Geckos (6276), Tara Leigh's Cresties (6098), Austral Gecko (5967), Tailspinz Geckos (5755), Guardian Geckos (5750), Crestopia Reptiles (5639), Northern Virginia Gecko (5533), Gilded Geckos (5338), Underground Geckos of Texas (5264), BB's Crested Geckos (5214), Emerald City Cresties (5186), LAC Herps (5043), Sublime Reptiles (4881) Sticky Claw Geckos (4628), Crested Mania (2601), Chasing Cresties (4513), Gecko Haven (4456), Crimson Cresties (4326), Canvas Geckos (3907), The Gecko Alchemist (3829), Hidden Valley Geckos (3773), Crowned Cresties (3750), Flawless Crested Geckos (3678), Krys's Kritters (3656), Crestie Jungle (3633), Cowajunga (3615), Crestie Addicted (3314), Gecko Barracks (3276), Paris Reptiles (3265), Manatee Suncoast Lizards (3185), Gotham Geckos (3046)... minimum 3,000 Facebook followers. (If you qualify for this list but are not on it, please contact us to be added)

Top Crested Gecko Breeder

Instagram: 10 Top Crested GEcko Breeders

Instagram Rank

Top Crested Gecko Breeders

# of Instagram Followers





















Instagram: Honorable Mention Top Crested GEcko Breeders (# of Instagram followers)

Qualify For The Instagram Honorable Mention List With 1,000+ Followers

Altitude Exotics (11700), Upside Down Geckos (11700), Greeks Geckos (10,600), Kryptiles (9930), Witching Hour Reptiles (9708, Coconut Cake Cresties (9562), Evergreen Geckos (9279), Gecko Junkie (8843), Erin Michelle's Reptiles (8422), Roxy's Cresties (8276), Evolver Reptiles (8151) Corch Geckos (8062), J & R Exotics (7631), Saltwater Geckos (7589), Miami Art Geckos (6298), KDS Geckos (6104), Rockstar Geckos (6045), National Gecko League (6019), Bertopia Geckos (5711), Toronto Gecko Co. (5450), Reptile City Korea (5239), Mostly Just Geckos (5072) Gecko Barracks (4824), Geckovengers (4623), Supreme Gecko (4257), Specialty Herps (3950), Omni Geckos (3928), NCScales (3907) Fireside Geckos (3675), BB's Crested Geckos (3563), Morph Menagerie (3489), Captivating Critters (3366), Geeks & Geckos (2906), The Gecko Geek (2796), Flying Fox Geckos (2773), AC Reptiles (2682), Tenny's Crested Geckos (2616), Scaredy Cat Geckos (2609), Crested Mania (2601), TC Geckos (2582), Flawless Crested Geckos (2518), RepNile Exotics (2499), Geckos In Wonderland (2493), The Crestie Cabin (2470), Match Point Geckos (2413) Austral Gecko (2356), Canvas Geckos (2340) Crestie Addicted (2316), Sticky Claw Geckos (2275), Geckeysiss (2271), Cowajunga (2213), Seraphic Crested Geckos (2206), Sublime Reptiles (2143), Crestopia Reptiles (2073), Copper State Cresteds (2071) Gotham Geckos (2032), Lilly Exotics (1996), Tri Hard Cresties (1989), Gecko Coven (1970), Belles Geckos (1944), Creepy Exotics (1939) Seraphic Crested Geckos (1874), Drakon Geckos (1833), Sunflower Geckos (1814), Urban Jungle Reptiles (1673), Ginger's Geckos (1638), Primal Cresties (1637), MPBCresties (1627), Hidden Valley Geckos (1598), Nature Nut (1594), LAC Herps (1596), Crestie Universe (1565), Lem's Geckos (1542), Gecko Kaboom (1511), Leaping Cresties (1489), Christa's Critters (1482), Jens Geckos (1456), Sticky Side Up Geckos (1370), Gilded Geckos (1330), Charlene's Cresties (1327), The Crestie Ohana (1305), Eli Boas (1290), Goldline Geckos (1289),  Klepto Gecko (1273), ATXGeckos (1246), Gecko Kaboom (1236), DLC Cresteds (1226), Keys Geckos (1218), Gecko Loco Exotics (1197), HS Crested Geckos (1166), Manatee Suncoast Lizards (1166), Port Geckos (1165) Paris Reptiles (1138), Wacky Exotics (1105), Paradise Cresties (1108), Exclusively Geckos (1105), Dragon Fyre Geckos (1094), Paradox CGs (1062), Roman Empire Geckos (1057), Crested Roses (1056), JB's Cresties (1047), Marsyas Geckos (1035), Third Coast Geckos (1033), Gecko Heroes (1023), Scaley Things and Dragon Wings (1014) Zaylia Geckos (1001)... minimum 1000 Instagram followers. (If you qualify for this list but are not on it, please contact us to be added)

Are You A Crested Gecko Breeder? 

If you are a crested gecko breeder not on this list and have enough followers to qualify, please contact us. We are trying to include the top crested gecko breeders on these lists. If you primarily breed a different reptile then we will not include you on this list at this time. We are presently compiling a third list for breeders of multiple reptile species, please contact us to be added to this upcoming list. If you are a crested gecko breeder and you have enough Facebook followers or Instagram Followers to make the list or the honorable mention, please contact us and we'll get it updated. Don't forget to copy the HTML code for your website's trust badge below. 

Download Your Top Crested Gecko Breeder Trust Badge

While it is impossible to ever determine who the 'Top' crested gecko breeder is, this list is a great start for our customers to know that many people TRUST you and follow your business. 

Let's face it, we all have been screwed by someone in this industry and if not, you at least know 100 people who have. By making the top breeder list you can show that the gecko community trusts your business. 

For that purpose, your business has earned a top breeder trust badge that can be placed on your website, email signature, Facebook cover photo, reptile show sign, or anywhere you, please. 

Top Crested Gecko Breeder
You can access the badge by using the HTML code below:

<a href=""><img src="" alt="Top Crested Gecko Breeder" width="300" height="300" /></a>

Congratulations on being a Top Crested Gecko Breeder in 2021! 

Why You Should Put An Industry Award Badge On Your Website 

Based on your hard work breeding crested geckos you have gained a large number of followers in the community. You deserve to be able to display this achievement to your customers. 

Trust or Award badges are very common in most industries, in fact, Instapage says, 'Industry awards are used to showcase a specialty or highlight a quality that competitors don’t have.' In this case, you've worked hard and gained more followers than most crested gecko breeders in the world. 

study conducted by Actual Insights found that trust logos increased the perceived trustworthiness of a brand in 75 percent of respondents. Results also showed that 61% of participants said they recalled a time when they chose not to complete a transaction because trust logos were absent.

Where Can I Put My Top Breeder Badge?

A good place to put your badge is anywhere your customer might see it. Some good places are on your website, facebook cover photo, email signature, reptile show banner, any marketing information, letterheads, etc. 


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