Specializing in Lilly White and Red Crested Geckos

We specialize in red crested geckos and red lilly white crested geckos. 

Breeding Collection

We are concentrating on producing vibrant red crested geckos. We have invested in high quality red lilly whites and red extreme harlequin crested geckos and produce some of the nicest red babies in town. To see our breeders please click the link below or click on the collection tab in the header above. 

our collection

Beautiful Morphs

Since we specialize in only two morphs, you know we offer only the best looking crested geckos.

Impressive Lineages

We use only the best breeders so we can offer the most striking crested geckos. 

Family Business 

The passion for crested geckos comes from our 12 year old leader, Tennyson. 

Crested Geckos for sale

Investment Quality Crested Geckos

We have compiled data we found publicly on the internet to make lists of the most expensive crested geckos sold by morph. These lists are limited to the information we could find on the internet or submitted by breeders as private sales. Be sure to bookmark this page as we update the list regularly to see the trending values of high-end crested geckos. 

investment quality crested geckos for sale

You Can Be The First To Know!

Get the inside scoop on what we are doing, whats available and tips for easy care.

why we do it

Mind-blowing Morphs

We love the colors and patterns that crested geckos display and if Mama Val would let us, we would fill the entire house and collect all of them. So, we only focus on our top favorites: lilly whites and real red crested geckos. The sharp contrast of the creamy white with the vibrant and bright reds are literally show stoppers and make for quite the conversation in anyone's collection.

Stop the Confusion! 

When we were first researching crested geckos we found a lot of conflicting and confusing information. Checkout our blog where we attempt to make sense of it all and discuss everything about your favorite topic... Crested Geckos! 

Top crested gecko breeders

Most Popular Breeders

Have you wondered who are the most popular crested gecko breeders that you can count and trust? We have taken the wonder out and compiled multiple list of the top crested gecko breeders based on their number of follower on Facebook and Instagram. 

Crested Gecko Breeders Near Me

If you are looking to find a crested gecko breeder in your state or locally, you've come to the right place. Click on the link below to see our Crested Gecko Breeders Near Me article and find a local breeder in your area. 

crested gecko breeder near me

Market trends & Analysis

Crested Gecko Investment Guide

Considering purchasing a crested gecko? Wondering how much they cost and what an investment quality crested gecko is going for these days? Look no further, we provide you a free exhaustive analysis of all of the main crested geckos morphs pricing for the 3rd quarter of 2021. 

About Tenny


I'm Tenny

I grew up with a love for reptiles of all kinds and I am so excited to be breeding some of the best looking crested geckos around. I love naming our geckos and how sweet and soft they are. This is a family run business so I have a lot of support but the Tenny's Crested Geckos Instagram account  is run all by me!

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Cute and Loveable 

Quality Crested Geckos

Beautiful and healthy crested geckos shipped to your door. Let us help you find the right crested gecko to add to your family!