JB’s Cresties Review

jbs cresties review

Photo credit and artistic design given to JB's Cresties

JBs Cresties has been breeding crested geckos since 2011.


Jen B(unpronounceable last name) of JB's Cresties has a high quality collection of cresties.

We regularly see her posting amazing holdback and breeder crested geckos of every morph but also beautiful baby crested geckos for sale

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JBs Cresties Mems

JB Cresties has an ongoing humorous meme production posted on their Facebook and Instagram accounts.

Some of the most popular meme series' are JB's Cresties Lizard Shaming memes, Screamy memes, and Mischief Gecko.

If you have a chance, check out, JBs Cresties Facebook or Instagram and like or follow to see the creative genius at work. 

JBs Cresties Review

JB's Cresties Review has found them to be one of the longer active breeders with a lot of experience.

In fact, you can read more about JB Cresties in our Top Crested Gecko Breeders article.

Crested Geckos

For Sale

We also keep a list of the most expensive crested geckos sold by morph and while JBs Cresties is not on the list, it is not because she hasn't produce and sold crested geckos worthy.

Our regularly updated list of most expensive crested geckos sold by morph is updated from public information found on the internet.

We also allow private breeders like JB's Cresties to report private sales to be added to the list, at this time, JB Cresties has not chosen to submit a crested gecko for the top investment quality crested gecko lists. 

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