Gecko Junkie Review

gecko junkie review

Who Is Gecko Junkie?

Gecko Junkie is located in Knoxville, Tennessee and is owned by Tristan Kaylor. He got his first crested gecko in 2009 and hasn't looked back since. 

Since that first crested gecko he has added leopard geckos, ball pythons and bearded dragons. Pretty much the four most popular reptiles in the world. 

You can find Gecko Junkie online and at quite a few reptile shows each weekend. They seem to do a lot of the Repticon shows which are primarily on the East Coast and in the South.  This makes senses since they are located in Tennessee giving them easy access to both regions. 

There is no indication on Tristan's website of how many crested geckos they sell each year. However, it does appear he is a full time reptile breeder and supplier, so you got to believe he is producing a good number of them. 

Gecko Junkie Highlights

  • Well respected breeder of crested geckos
  • Great prices for reptiles and reptile supplies
  • Stocks top quality caging options

Looking For a Crested Gecko?

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Gecko Junkie Caging

Gecko Junkie offers some really nice PVC caging for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a single PVC cage for a crested gecko or an entire wall of cages, they got you covered. 

gecko junkie caging

How To Find Gecko Junkie

Gecko Junkie Website

Gecko Junkie on Facebook

Gecko Junkie on Instagram

Gecko Junkie on YouTube (two years since last video upload)

Gecko Junkie does not appear to be on Morph Market

Crested Geckos

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Gecko Junkie Crested Gecko Care Guide

I could not find any information about crested gecko morphs on the GeckoJunkie website but they do have a nice crested gecko care sheet. Here's what Gecko Junkie recommends for crested gecko care. 

Crested Gecko Food

Pangea crested gecko complete diet is our recommended form of nutrition. It contains all the fats, vitamins, minerals, and proteins that are needed for crested geckos. We recommend supplying this form of nutrition 2-3 times a week for your crested gecko. In addition to this form of nutrition you could also feed them live crickets dusted in our Miner-all calcium powder which contains vitamin D3. Finally you can also offer them Dubia roaches which serve as a great source of protein as a dietary additive. No worms. (NOTE: TCG almost exclusively feeds mealworms to our crested geckos, Gecko Junkie apparently does not)

Find the best prices for Pangea and Repashy Crested GEcko food! 

Also, find out what is best to feed your cresties, how often and why. 

can i feed crested geckos insects

Crested Gecko Housing

Crested geckos can be kept in a wide variety of enclosures. You can achieve this via simple plastic storage tub or terrarium. As for substrate, we recommend the use of a simple paper towel. This is due to the fact taht geckos have tendency to eat other forms of substrate causing sickness or even death. Along with their love to climb, crested geckos love to hide. With that in mind you will also want to provide them with the means to do so with materials such as synthetic greenery that can be either just placed within the enclosure or hung in the enclosure via suction cups. 

Do Crested Geckos Need Lighting?

Crested geckos are nocturnal, meaning they are awake and active during the night time hours. During the daytime, they will often be seen hiding or sleeping. With that being said they do not need to be in complete darkness at all times. They also require natural daylight which can be obtained through normal lighting within a hoe. If they are not kept within a room to which the light is on in your hoe during the day, a natural daytime bulb could be purchased if needed. No heat lamps. 

Humidity Requirements

Crested geckos require an environment consistent of high humidity. This can be achieved by misting your gecko once or twice a day via typical spray bottle filled with regular running/drinking water. Misting needs to be light enough that the enclosure can dry in-between misting's. This is important because too much moisture will result in the growth of mold inside the enclosure. This is not healthy for your gecko. Giving a light mist(2-3 squeezes of your spray bottle) will be sufficient and allow the enclosure to adequately dry. This step is the most vital to encourage your gecko to shed properly. 

Crested Gecko Breeding

Geckos do not reach full maturity until 2 years of age. Breeding weights: Males 40 grams, Females 45 grams. Females usually lay 2 eggs (clutch) every 30 days during breeding season (March - October). Gestation period ranges from 90-120 days. Females retain sperm for 3 months resulting in up to 3 clutches laid. Vermiculite preferred for lay box substrate. 

"Top 10 Most Expensive Crested Geckos Sold in 2021!"

See a list of the most expensive crested geckos sold by morph in the US. 

investment quality crested geckos for sale

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