AC Reptiles Review

ac reptiles review

AC Reptiles aka Anthony Caponetto Reptiles Inc has been breeding crested geckos since 2002 and formed AC Reptiles in 2004.

This is no small operation according to Anthony, they are the second or third largest producer or crested geckos in the world.

And out of their 3,000 square foot facility in Missouri generate the most overall revenue for crested gecko sales and the most retail revenue. 

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AC Reptiles offers both sales of high-end crested geckos and whole sale crested geckos.

At one time they regularly ran the AC Reptile Auction where you could bid on your favorite crested gecko.

However, I don't think the auction is used very often by Anthony Caponetto Reptiles anymore. 

Super Soft Scale Crested Gecko

ACReptiles may be the most famous for the soft scale and super soft scale mutation.

This morph is a codominant mutation that produces less scales which makes the crested gecko feel softer than a normal scaled crested gecko.

The Soft Scale Gecko also has enhanced or cleaned up coloring, this is similar to the C2 gene we've discussed in our gecko morphs guide.

The Super Soft Scale Crested Geckos sell for in excess of $1,000. We look forward to seeing what great things are created with this mutation. 

Crested Geckos

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ACReptiles Crested Geckos

AC Reptiles Review has found them to be one of the biggest breeders in the world.

In fact, you can read more about Anthony Caponetto Reptiles in our Top Crested Gecko Breeders article.

We also keep a list of the most expensive crested geckos sold by morph and not surprisingly, ACReptiles has multiple crested geckos on those lists.  

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