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A family dedicated 

Tenny's crested geckos was inspired by Tenny's love for reptiles and especially cresties. 

Coming from a family of reptile lovers, she was exposed to every type of reptile from birth. 

As she grew older she focused on crested geckos and started breeding them as a hobby. 

In 2018, Tenny approached the family about investing into breeder quality geckos and staring a crested gecko business. 

Asher, her older brother, and her parents agreed to form a family business that we decided to name Tenny's Crested Geckos. 

Everyone in the family has a job and we all work together to provide the healthiest and happiest investment quality crested geckos possible. 

Tenny taking a nap under the table of the Repticon Atlanta reptile show as the rest of the family vended. (No we didn't put the lid on while she was napping... lol) 

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It All Started With Mango

Mango was Tenny's first crested gecko. He was a buckskin who like to hangout on your shoulder. For many years he was the only crested gecko in our collection. He now resides at one of Tenny's close friends homes bringing joy and a new perspective to their lives. 

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