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Probably the most recognized crested geckos breeders in the world are David 'Tiki' and Manny 'The Lion' of Tikis Geckos. 

These two lovable Floridians have been making reptile themed youtube videos for a number of years. 

Manny 'The Lion' and David 'Tiki' introing a YouTube video

Our Personal Experiences With Tiki's Geckos (Super Positive!) 

Tiki's Geckos maintains a facebook page, youtube page, and an instagram account. 

David also provides his cell number to potential customers for texting. 

I've asked a lot of questions that have been answered promptly but have never bought a gecko directly from them.

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HOWEVER, I bought a lilly white from a person on Fauna who claimed they bought it from Tikis Geckos. 

I know, it is common for people to claim their reptile came from a popular breeder when it actually did not. 

But in this case, after I explain the rest of the story, you may think otherwise. 

After agreeing to buy a lilly white from a guy in Florida, he then told me that he had never shipped before. 

I suggested he go to the website of Reptiles2You to watch the instructional videos and buy shipping supplies. 

The next thing I know he has asked David of Tikis Geckos to ship the crested gecko to me, for him. 

He said he was too stressed out and contacted Tiki's Geckos for help. 

David offered to ship the gecko for him if he just paid the costs. 

The gecko arrived on time and in perfect condition thanks to the seller and Tikis Geckos. 

For this reason, David and Manny get two thumbs up from us for being good guy breeders. 

It says a lot about Tikis and their dedication to customers, past customers and the safety of reptiles. 

Even when you think no one is watching, someone probably is, and they got caught doing a good thing. 

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