Best Crested Gecko Diet & Where To Find The Best Prices

Where To Find The Best Prices For Pangea & Repashy Crested GEcko Food

The price for a bag of crested geckos food is all over the board. 

The actual cost for a crested gecko MRP is not very much if you consider how long they last because of how little they eat. 

We have searched high and low for the best priced Pangea and Repashy meal replacement powders (MRP) and I think you will be surprised by the results

Keep in mind that Pangea and Repashy wholesale their products to many of the breeders who then mark them up and resell them to you.

Both companies do not allow resellers to sell their products for below their website listed price. 

What is in this article...

  • Where to find the lowest prices for Pangea and Repashy MRP
  • How to choose the best crested gecko diet 
  • Mixing multiple MRP's for the most complete diet

So while buying directly from Pangea or Repashy and avoiding the middlemen usually saves you money, I have found a way for you to get the most popular MRP’s for even cheaper!

First, you have to decide on the best-crested gecko diet(s) to feed your crestie. 

While it is up for debate, generally speaking, most people feed their cresties either Pangea or Repashy, or a combination of both. 

In this article, we also discuss in detail the best-crested gecko diet options along with their pros and cons and finally tell you where to get them for the best price.

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Best Prices For Pangea Crested Gecko Food

The most popular Pangea Crested Gecko food complete diets are the Pangea fruit mix with insects, Pangea Gecko Diet Growth and Breeding, Pangea Watermelon Complete Gecko Diet, Pangea Gecko Diet Apricot, Pangea Papaya Crested Gecko Complete Diet.

We searched 100's of websites and found you the following lowest best and cheapest prices of Pangea Crested Gecko Diet. It turns out that shipping is really the price determinant.

If you have an amazon prime account it is cheaper to buy it directly from Pangea Reptiles Amazon store because you don't have to pay shipping.

If you buy it directly from Pangea Reptiles you have to pay $6.99 in shipping. Not only is Amazon's shipping free but in most cases it is much faster with Prime's 1-2 days shipping guarantee. All other sellers use ground services that deliver in 2-5 days from order. 



Where to Buy Pangea Crested Gecko Food



(Free Shipping)

Bertopia Geckos


($2.00 Shipping)

Gecko Junkies


(Free Shipping)

Pangea - Direct


($6.99 Shipping)



($6.99 Shipping)

Tikis Geckos


(7.35 Shipping)

Reptile Supply Company


(9.95 Shipping)

JNC Reptiles


($15.00 Shipping)

* Unless otherwise noted, all shipping is ground service from a major carrier with an estimated delivery of 2-7 days. 

** Free shipping based on you having an Amazon Prime membership with estimated delivery of 1-2 days.

repashy complete crested gecko food

Best Prices For Repashy Crested Gecko Diet

After taking a deep dive into Pangea Crested Gecko Food prices I got lazy. We can both save a lot of time and money by you just heading over to Amazon and buying your Repashy Crested Gecko Diet from the Amazon Repashy Store. Again, the prices are the same as on their website so the real saving is just in shipping and the shortened time to receive the MRPs. Repashy charges a flat $6.00 ground shipping rate if you order from their store. You can't find Repashy any cheaper because they won't allow their resellers to charge any less than their lowest prices on their website. 



Where to Buy Pangea Crested Gecko Food



(Free Shipping)

Everybody Else


($2.00-$10.00 Shipping)

* Unless otherwise noted, all shipping is ground service from a major carrier with an estimated delivery of 2-7 days. 

** Free shipping based on you having an Amazon Prime membership with estimated delivery of 1-2 days. 

Best Crested Gecko Diet

When you get a new crested gecko the first question we commonly get is, ‘What do crested geckos eat?’

Luckily, cresties are pretty easy to feed due to multiple freeze-dried powders available as complete meal replacement powder (MRP) to feed to your geckos. 

Companies like Pangea Reptiles and Repashy have been successfully formulating dehydrated MRP’s for many years. 

Feeding crested geckos a small bowl of MRP 3-4 times a week with insects being fed 1-2 times a week is the most common way cresties are fed. 

To learn more about ‘What do crested geckos eat?’ and other questions you may have, you can read our definitive guide to crested gecko care

Although there are many new formulas, the only crested gecko foods we recommend as staple diets are Repashy Crested Gecko Diet and Pangea Fruit Mix Complete Gecko Diet. Both have been thoroughly researched and tested on hundreds (even thousands) of animals with great results, leading us to endorse them as the best on the market.

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Meal Replacement Powder - MRP Options

There are quite a few companies that manufacture meal replacement powder options and even more fruit flavors to choose from. 

Generally, most breeders offer multiple different flavors which result in their geckos eating more consistently due to the variety. 

It is speculated that they get bored with just one flavor and by offering different fruit flavors it is more of an enrichment experience and better for the gecko. 

I love pizza and burritos but I wouldn’t want to eat either every day. 

Once a week is great! Cresties appear to have the same type of thinking when it comes to MRPs. 

Many breeders also mix multiple flavors together to give a better combination of vitamins and minerals and get the best-crested gecko diet. 

One common mix includes a Pangea or Repashy MRP with insects added to increases the protein and the fat levels of the meal. 

How Do I Mix Crested Gecko MRP’s?

Most of the meal replacement powders recommend that you use a 2:1 water to MRP ratio when rehydrating the powdered meal. 

Using a teaspoon measurer or equivalent, pour in one scoop of MRP and two scoops of water into a small cup. 

Mix together until it becomes close to the consistency of ketchup, maybe slightly runnier but not by much. 

You can make a bigger batch and keep it stored in your fridge for up to a week or just mix it in their bowl each time for a fresh meal.

This is especially desirable for growing juveniles and breeding females. 

In fact, Pangea offers a crested gecko diet specifically formulated for female breeders with additional fat and calcium. 

Most breeders feed their breeding females the Pangea Breeder formula but many people have taken note that their cresties don’t really like it as much as other flavors. 

What many of us do to fix this problem is mix in ½ Pangea Breeder formula and then 1/2 one of the other more desirable flavors from Pangea or Replashy. 

It seems like the consensus is that the crested geckos like the Pangea Watermellon and the Replashy Banana Cream Pie the best. 

There are easily over 10 fruit flavors you can purchase from the big two crested gecko diet producers and that is not counting all of the other MRP companies. 

The top choice to feed to juveniles by breeders is the Pangea with insects (mixed fruit) or the Pangea Fig with insects. 

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Most crested geckos love the banana base fruit flavors but on occasion, you will find some that do not, which is why Fig with insects was developed. 

If you find your crested gecko not eating all the other flavors it may be because your gecko doesn’t like bananas and you should try giving them Pangea Fig with insects. 

Adding the insects to the MRP increases the protein and fat levels and makes the diet more complete. 

It is common practice to mix the MRP that includes insects with a second fruit flavor at the same ratio as the breeder formula, 50/50. 

This is because some crested geckos don’t like the taste of insects in their fruit mush and by adding a heavier ratio of fruit it drowns out the insect flavor. 

Think of it like adding bacon and blue cheese to brussel sprouts or adding nacho cheese to broccoli.

Should I Feed My Crested Gecko Insects?

You can but do not have to. 

The MRP’s that include insects can really be a complete diet for your crested gecko’s entire lifespan. 

However, all of the breeders feed their crested geckos crickets, roaches, or meal worms at least one time a week. 

Feeding them insects gives them a lot of protein and some extra fat which helps them get bigger and stronger faster.

All insects should be dusted with calcium D3 before feeding as it is a good opportunity to get some additional calcium into your geckos diet. 

can i feed crested geckos insects

Benefits Of Insects

Extra Protein

Insects have more protein than traditional MRP's. Adding extra protein is a good idea for growing juveniles and breeding females. 


I can't think of any more fun that running around a cage trying to catch some tasty insects for dinner. It's entertaining for everyone. Not to mention it gets them moving and thinking (derp). 

More FAt

Just like protein, insects carry more fat but the good fat kind, not the banana cream pie straight to your hips kind. Good for juveniles and breeding females. 

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