[2021] Altitude Exotics Review aka AEGeckos

altitude exotics reviews

We love Brian at Altitude Exotics not only for his amazing crested geckos, informational Youtube videos but for his customer service. 

axanthic crested gecko from altitude exotics

Altitude Exotics aka AEGeckos has been breeding crested geckos for over 10 years and is probably best known for their Axanthic Crested Geckos and Axanthic Lilly White Crested Gecko Projects (sometimes referred to as 'Lucy's).  

Brian at AEGeckos regularly uploads a couple of YouTube videos each week.

axanthic lilly white project

You can usually find a weekly Hatchling Report and lately he has been doing a Pre-Friday sale video showcasing the crested geckos he will have for sale on his website for the upcoming Friday. 

Where Can I Find Altitude Exotics?

If you never have heard of Altitude Exotics it might be because he does not advertise his crested geckos on MorphMarket

However, he has a website, facebook page, instagram account and YouTube channel that you can follow him on. 

Why Buy From Altitude Exotics? 

AEGeckos produces thousands of really high end investment quality crested geckos each year. 

Prices range from a few hundred dollars to reportedly $25,000 for the first axanthic lilly white crested gecko he produced and sold in 2020. 

What I really like about his crested geckos is that they not only look amazing, they have good size heads and bodies that are proportionate. 

Another bonus is that he sells his crested geckos for a bit less than some of the other highend breeders. 

I think this is because you usually cannot get lineage from AEGeckos, at least not on the females (mothers). 

This is because Brian speaks frequently about breeding his females in groups instead of individually. 

For the lineage purist this may be a slight problem but Brian can usually provide you with the name and a picture of the sire (male) of your crested gecko purchase. 

Looking For a Crested Gecko?

New releases every week

AEGeckos Offers The Best Customer Service

I don't know about you but I've been in the reptile industry for a long time and there are some real knuckleheads (being nice here) out there. 

I think one of the reasons Brian at AEGeckos has been so successful is how he treats his customers and non-customers, for that matter. 

Consider this, Brian is probably the largest home breeder of crested geckos in the U.S.. Imagine how many inquiries he gets a day about crested geckos for sale, how to care for them, and just random messages. 

He will answer everyone of your questions and it's not one of his employees, it is actually Brian on the other end giving you a thoughtful response. 

Altitude Exotics Crested GEckos Purchased

Many people don't realize this but Brian at AEGeckos got his start by breeding red crested geckos. Every Friday it seems like he offers to sell the best red crested gecko I've ever seen, then the next Friday rolls around and it gets better. This guy really does have amazing crested geckos. Another interesting crested gecko project that he works on is his tricolor crested geckos. He focuses on the darker color combinations to create the tricolor amazing contrast. If you like darker tricolors, checkout AEGeckos. 

Alti-Dude (Altitude Exotics)

We bought Alti-Dude at the 2020 Black Friday sale for somewhere around $500 (I don't remember exactly). He is passing on that beautiful pin and red to Tenny's Crested Geckos females. 

Alti-Dude from Altitude Exotics Red Crested Geckos
alti-dude from aegeckos
Tricolor Crested Gecko Mud from Altitude Exotics Crested Gecko

Mudder 'Mud' Fudder (Altitude Exotics) 

Tenny loves tricolor crested geckos and understandably she loves 'Mud'. We found him one Tuesday on Brians weekly website preview on YouTube and snatched him up. Check out our for sale page for one of his babies today! 


How Do You Know All This About Altitude Exotics

First off, as you can tell, I am a fan boy of AEGeckos! 

I've watched just about every one of his YouTube videos and regularly check his Facebook and Instagram posts for the latest news. 

But, more importantly, I have had a few interactions with Brian and everyone of them has been incredibly positive. 

We have purchased two male breeders from him, a really red male pinstripe crested gecko and a nice tiger striped tricolor male. 

Both purchases went really smooth and included a lot of back and forth over Facebook messenger. 

We highly recommend Brian and Altitude Exotics for your future crested geckos needs, that's assuming Tenny's Crested Geckos doesn't have what you are looking for! LOL! No really, you can't go wrong with AEGeckos. 

Crested Geckos

For Sale

3 Things You Need To Know About AEGeckos

Black Friday Crested Gecko Sale

The #1 one thing you need to know about Altitude Exotics is that they have the biggest Black Friday sale after Thanksgiving on the internet. 

In 2020, I think there was over 200 young adult (or close to) breeders for sale. Yes, 200 plus! This is a sale that can change your collection overnight, literally. 

If you want to get into a project or further an existing one, AEGeckos will have what you are looking for at this sale. 

Black Friday Strategies and Tips

Normally, Brian will list the crested geckos that will go on sale a week or two before Thanksgiving to give everyone a chance to look and plan. 

However, you will not be able to buy directly from the site until it goes live the day after Thanksgiving (Black Friday). 

But, you can still buy your favorite crested gecko by contacting Brian (I think he prefers Facebook Messenger *Brian if you are reading this, let me know if this wrong*) and offering him more money than what he is asking. 

It usually takes at least a $100 more than what he is asking to pre-sell you the gecko, if he gets a lot of inquiries, it may take a bigger offer. 

It is kind of like an informal auction and the reason I think he does this is because the prices he puts on the Black Friday geckos are prices to sell, sell, sell. 

Which means they are CHEAP! I've seen incredible red pinstripe harlequin crested gecko females close to breeding size go for $300 on the Friday. 

By pricing the crested geckos low, he ensures whatever is left for sale on Black Friday is sold. 

And by accepting higher offers, he is able to maximize his profits and rectify any mistakes in his pricing on the low side. 

Some people don't like that it is not 'first come, first serve' prior to the sale but Brian does a good job of letting everyone know this is how it works. 

Altitude Exotics ADVENTURE TOURS W/Brian

Brian has a passion for the outdoors and photography so he's started offering adventure tours in 2021. 

The first adventure is to Belize with Brian and his team. Brian secured a special permit to stay inside a Nationally protected rain forest for his first adventure. 

The prices were really inexpensive and with limited space the Belize trip sold out really fast. 

I know he is presently in Costa Rica and expect to hear an announcement about an upcoming late 2021 or early 2022 Costa Rica Adventure Tour soon. 

Hopefully, in the future, he will put together a trip to New Caledonia to see crested geckos in the wild! 

Check out Altitude Exotics Adventure Tours Here. 


mohawk altitude exotics

In late 2020 Brian changed to a mohawk for multiple YouTube videos. 

My understanding is that he did it as a sort of inside joke between him and his wife. 

But for me, I thought it was a marked improvement over his more traditional Lloyd Christmas haircut look. 

no mohawk altitude exotics
brian of aegeckos impersonation of lloyd christmas from dumb and dumber

I have encouraged him to #bringbackthehawk on multiple occasions but have been met with great resistance. 

If you agree with me, join the movement and add #bringbackthehawk in his comments on his YouTube videos, Instagram posts and Facebook posts. 

Together, hopefully, we can make a change! 

Altitude Exotics Crested Gecko Care Guide

I have watched multiple AEGeckos YouTube videos on how Brian cares for his crested geckos. He use to provide a link to his crested gecko care sheet but the URL appears to be broken. You can try it here, Altitude Exotics Care Guide, let me know in the comments if the link starts working again. 

Here are some of the highlights Brian has mentioned in his videos: 

What do you feed your crested geckos?

Pangea and Repashy MRP

How often doe you feed MRP?

Two to three times per week

What type(s) of insects do you feed your crested geckos? 

Crickets but meal worms and dubai crickets are also good to feed

How many times per week do you feed insects to your crested geckos?

One to two times per week

Do you provide any vitamins or supplements? 

Yes, he dusts his crickets with vitamin D3

Looking for a crested gecko?

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