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Male breeder red and cream pinstripe harlequin crested gecko from Altitude Exotics

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Additional Chester Pictures And Progression

Photo credit to Altitude Exotics

Chester Lineage

Sire: Kaine - Royal Crested Geckos

Kaine was an exceptional red and cream pinstripe extreme harlequin that sired many of the top red breeders we see today. Royal Crested Geckos closed up shop in 2014, and sadly we do not know where Kaine went from there. 

Rockstar Geckos REVIEW

One of the top producers of high-end crested geckos in the world. Learn more in our Rockstar Geckos Review article.  

Dam: Unknown

So much was lost when Crown Royal Geckos retired from breeding including who the Dam was of Chester. Based on his attributes it was probably a red and cream pinstripe or partial pinstripe female with harlequin pattern. 

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Chester Offspring

Zippy (Produced by Crestie King - Chester x Hydra) Photo Credit to Crestie King. 

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